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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Mount Balatukan Range (also known as Balingoan or Balatocan) is a massive compound stratovolcano that rises above northwest shore of Gingoog Bay Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It is the highest peak in the city of Gingoog and the Municipalities of Claveria, Balingasag and Medina. It is sacred to the Higaonons and in the olden times their ancestors made pilgrimages to its peak. A lake called Danao is on its caldera or mouth. The mountain is an old volcano, said to have erupted in the 17th century.

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It rises steeply to a long ridge with several peaks of almost 2,000 m and one of 2,442 m. The mountains retain extensive forest cover, and old growth forest is estimated to cover 6,500 ha. This is mainly montane forest, including mossy forest. The extent of primary lowland forest has been greatly reduced by logging and kaingin activities, and in 1997 this forest type was reported to be almost absent from the mountain. There are some areas of residual forest and cogon grassland.


Today it looks over Gingoog City like a watchful sentry, guarding Gingoog from typhoons and strong winds. Three planes perished in its vicinity, the last one being the jet of defense secretary Devilla. Fortunately he was not on board when the plane crashed. The ill-fated Flight 387 of Cebu Pacific perished in its adjacent mountain: Mt. Lumot as impact point and Mt. Somagaya the final resting place of the unfortunate air transport.

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