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Friday, February 7, 2014


Didicas volcano is a small volcanic island 22 km NE of Camiguin Island, 60 km off the northern coast of Luzon, Philippines.

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Until 1952, it was a submarine volcano that had previously formed temporary islands during eruptions. In the eruption of 1952 the submarine volcano formed a new lava dome that surfaced above sea level and has become now a permanent new island.



Didicas volcano now consists of a small, 244-m-high andesitic lava dome about 1.4 km in its longest diameter.

A 400-m-wide crater was formed during the 1952 eruption. The first recorded submarine eruption of Didicas occurred in 1773. 

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In an eruption in 1860, Didicas also built a new island, the first recorded cone of Didicas breaching the sea surface. It reached a height of 213 m in 1860, when the eruption ended, but it was soon eroded beneath the sea, because it mainly consisted of loose tephra. 3 rock masses up to 82 m high were left after an eruption in 1900. 2 more eruptions occurred since 1952 at an explosion crater on the northern side of the island. (Source: GVP volcano information)

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