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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Babuyan Claro is a volcano located in the Babuyan Islands, an archipelago in the Luzon Strait north of Luzon Island, in the Philippines. It is separated from Luzon by the Babuyan Channel, and from the Batanes Islands to the north by the Balintang Channel.  It is in the province of Cagayan in the Cagayan Valley Region.

Babuyan Claro has erupted four times: in 1831, 1860, 1913 and 1917. All eruptions were either strombolian or phreatomagmatic.

Babuyan island consists of five volcanic centers ranging in age from 1.7 Million years to present.

Mt. Babuyan is the youngest volcano on the island and has a volume of 3 cubic km. Eruptions at Babuyan Claro are strombolian and phreatomagmatic. Askedna hot springs are located on the southern slopes of the volcano.

In July 1993, there were reports of earthquakes and an alleged drying up of vegetation at the upper slopes and summit area of the volcano but volcanologists said the earthquakes were of tectonic origins and there was no significant change in the volcanic activity.

In February 2004, there were reports of grayish steam clouds hovering above the summit but volcanologists from Phivolcs said the seismic swarm was of tectonic origin and the steaming activity was only wispy to weak.

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