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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mt. Kabunian in Benguet

The mountain is as majestic as its namesake, and über beautiful. Mt. Kabunian is the most popular among the Bacun trio, and it is named after the highest deity in the mythology of the Kankana-eys.

They believe that Kabunian resides in this mountain, so this is a very sacred place. Near the top, wooden coffins can be seen clinging on the side of the summit’s walls.

We also saw some wild goats and a small forest fire. The view from the trail is expansive, the mountain breeze so cool.

Bacun is far from Baguio, five to six hours ride on rented jeep, most of it on rough roads. The sight from the jump-off point is already magnificent that many who found the ride exhausting have been tempted to just stay here, have coffee and soak in the view. But for the hardy souls who leave the comfort of the village, the rewards are overwhelming.

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