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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mt. Banahaw in Quezon

Mount Banahaw  is a dormant volcano located on the boundary of Majayjay, Laguna and Lucban, Quezon in Luzon, Philippines. It is considered to be sacred by the local residents. It is adjacent to another mountain named Mount Banahaw de Lucban.

Mt. Banahaw is one of the most frequented hiking destinations and pilgrimage sites in the Philippines. It has been gaining attractions not only for its natural beauty but also for its religious and cultural significance to Filipinos.

A significant number of tourists and religious devotees increase visits to Mt. Banahaw usually during the Lenten season. A climb to Mt. Banahaw takes a 2-3-day trek with different waterfalls and caves en route to the summit. There are at least four different trails from Dolores, Sariaya, and nearby towns of Quezon. Pilgrims and hikers usually take the trail of Cristalino and of Tatlong Tangke from Brgy. Kinabuhayan, Dolores reaching the Durungawan I, II, and III viewpoints atop the summit.

Among the popular destinations in Mt. Banahaw include "Kalbaryo" (Calvary), "Kweba ng Diyos Ama" (Cave of God the Father), "Husgado" (Cave of Judgement), and the allegedly curative spring at Brgy. Kinabuhayan. Aside from the three Durungawan viewpoints at the summit, hikers can also explore the cave and the crater view overlooking Guis-guis and Tubig ng Gatas and Tubig ng Dugo rivers. 

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